Viewing the region-level configuration

This command is useful for quickly verifying the allocation of VLANs in the switch's MSTP configuration, and for viewing the configured region identifiers.


show spanning-tree mst-config

The switch computes the MSTP Configuration Digest from the VID to MSTI configuration mappings on the switch itself. As required by the 802.1s standard, all MSTP switches within the same region must have the same VID to MSTI assignments, and any given VID can be assigned to either the IST or one of the MSTIs within the region. Thus, the MSTP Configuration Digest must be identical for all MSTP switches intended to belong to the same region. When comparing two MSTP switches, if their Digest identifiers do not match, they cannot be members of the same region.

Viewing a region-level configuration

switch(config)# show spanning-tree net-config

 MST Configuration Identifier Information

  MST Configuration Name : REGION_1
  MST Configuration Revision : 1
  MST Configuration Digest : 0xDAD6A13EC5141980B7EBDA71D8991E7C

  IST Mapped VLANs : 1,66

  Instance ID Mapped VLANs
  -------- ---------------
  1        11,22
  2        33,44,55