Viewing per-instance MSTP configurations

These commands display the per-instance port configuration and current state, along with instance identifiers and regional root data.


show spanning-tree config instance [ist | 1..16]

The upper part of this output shows the instance data for the ist or for the specified instance. The lower part of the output lists the spanning tree port settings for the specified instance.


show spanning-tree port-list config instance [ist | 1..16]

This command shows the same data as the preceding command, but lists the spanning tree port parameter settings for only the specified port or trunk. You can list data for a series of ports and port trunks by specifying the first and last port or trunk of any consecutive series of ports and trunks.

Viewing port data

To display data for ports A20-A24 and trk1, you would use the command:

switch(config)# show spanning-tree a20-a24,trk1 config instance 1