Creating a traffic template

A traffic template can be created, modified, or deleted by entering this command in the global configuration context.


qos traffic-template <template-name>

no qos traffic-template <template-name>

Enter the Traffic Template Configuration level or execute one command for that level. With no additional parameters specified, the qos traffic-template command changes the context to Traffic Template Configuration level for execution of configuration changes to the named template.

If <template-name> does not exist already, the template will be created as a copy of default-tcgt and the traffic template context is entered. The maximum length is 40 characters.

If <template-name> already exists, the traffic template context for that template is entered and you can make modifications to the template.

qos traffic-template <template-name> <copy-from-name>
When executed, a new template is created with the name <template-name> as a copy of the existing template named <copy-from-name>.

You cannot modify any predefined traffic templates.

no qos traffic-template <template-name>

Deletes the specified traffic template. Predefined templates and the currently active template may not be deleted.

show qos traffic-template [<template-name>]

When entered without the name of a specific traffic template, displays a list of the current traffic templates and their status - active, valid, or invalid.

When executed with the name of a specific traffic template, detailed information for that traffic template is displayed.

After executing the qos traffic-template <template-name> command in the global configuration context, you are in traffic template context and can begin modifying a newly created template or an existing template.

Creating a new traffic template and entering traffic template configuration context

switch(config)# qos traffic-template example

switch(cfg-tcgt-example1)# show qos traffic-template example
 Template Name: example
 Status : Valid

Queue-no  Priorities     Name
--------  -------------  --------------------
1         1,2            background-tcg
2         0,3            best-effort-tcg
3         4,5            controlled-load-tcg
4         6,7            control-tcg

1 Traffic template context

You should always check the traffic template status using the show qos traffic-template command to make sure that the template is valid. Invalid templates cannot be applied to ports. A traffic template will be invalid if the priorities are not mapped to an egress queue. This can happen, for example, if you delete a priority from a queue and do not reassign it to another queue.

If a template has been applied, it is considered to be in use and cannot be deleted. The show qos queue-config command displays the currently active traffic template.

Displaying the currently active traffic template

switch(config)# show qos queue-config

 Egress Queue Configuration

 Number of Queues: 8
 Traffic Template: default-tcgt

 Queue Priority
 ----- --------
 1      1
 2      2
 3      0
 4      3
 5      4
 6      5
 7      6
 8      7