Configuring traffic groups within a traffic template

When in the traffic template context, you can modify traffic groups within that template by changing which priorities are assigned to what queues, as well as assigning a name to each group.


map-traffic-group <queue-num> priority <priority> | [name <namestring>]

no map-traffic-group <queue-num> priority <priority> | [name <namestring>]

Allows configuration of traffic groups with a traffic template.

The no form of the command removes a priority from the currently mapped queue.

<queue-num>: Ranges from 1 to the number of active queues, which can vary from 1 to 8 queues. The number of queues is configured with the qos queue-config command.

priority <0-7>: Specifies an 802.1p priority to assign this queue. This command may be repeated to assign multiple priorities to the same queue.

name <namestring>: Assigns a documentary label to the traffic group. Maximum length is 40 characters.

The no form of the command removes the descriptive name from the group.