Using TFTP to download software from a server

This procedure assumes that:

  • A software version for the switch has been stored on a TFTP server accessible to the switch. (The software file is typically available from the Switch Networking website at

  • The switch is properly connected to your network and has already been configured with a compatible IP address and subnet mask.

  • The TFTP server is accessible to the switch via IP.

Before you use the procedure, do the following:

  • Obtain the IP address of the TFTP server in which the software file has been stored.

  • If VLANs are configured on the switch, determine the name of the VLAN in which the TFTP server is operating.

  • Determine the name of the software file stored in the TFTP server for the switch (For example, E0820.swi).


If your TFTP server is a UNIX workstation, ensure that the case (upper or lower) that you specify for the filename is the same case as the characters in the software filenames on the server.