Downloading from a server to flash using TFTP (CLI)


copy tftp flash <ip-address> <remote-file> [<primary | secondary>]

Automatically downloads a switch software file to primary or secondary flash. If you do not specify the flash destination, the TFTP download defaults to primary flash.


To download a switch software file named k0800.swi from a TFTP server with the IP address of to primary flash:

  1. Execute copy as shown below:
    The command to download an OS (switch software)
    switch# copy tftp flash k0800.swi
    The primary OS Image will be deleted, continue [y/n]? y 1
    01431K 2
    • 1This message means that the image you want to upload will replace the image currently in primary flash.

    • 2Dynamic counter continually displays the number of bytes transferred.

    When the switch finishes downloading the software file from the server, it displays this progress message:

    Validating and Writing System Software to FLASH ...

  2. When the download finishes, you must reboot the switch to implement the newly downloaded software image. To do so, use one of the following commands:


    boot system flash {<primary | secondary>}

    Boots from the selected flash.



    Boots from the flash image and startup-config file. A switch covered in this guide (with multiple configuration files), also uses the current startup-config file.

    For more information on these commands, see "Rebooting the Switch" in the basic operation guide for your switch.

  3. To confirm that the software downloaded correctly, execute show system and check the Firmware revision line.

For information on primary and secondary flash memory and the boot commands, see "Using Primary and Secondary Flash Image Options" in the basic operation guide for your switch.


If you use auto-tftp to download a new image in a redundant management system, the active management module downloads the new image to both the active and standby modules. Rebooting after the auto-tftp process completes reboots the entire system.