LLDP-MED fast start control


lldp fast-start-count <1-10>

An LLDP-MED device connecting to a switch port may use the data contained in the MED TLVs from the switch to configure itself. However, the lldp refresh-interval setting (default: 30 seconds) for transmitting advertisements can cause an unacceptable delay in MED device configuration.

To support rapid LLDP-MED device configuration, the lldp fast-start-count command temporarily overrides the refresh-interval setting for the fast-start-count advertisement interval. This results in the port initially advertising LLDP-MED at a faster rate for a limited time. Thus, when the switch detects a new LLDP-MED device on a port, it transmits one LLDP-MED advertisement per second out the port for the duration of the fast-start-count interval. In most cases, the default setting should provide an adequate fast-start-count interval.

(Default: 5 seconds)


This global command applies only to ports on which a new LLDP-MED device is detected. It does not override the refresh-interval setting on ports where non-MED devices are detected.