Advertising device capability, network policy, PoE status and location data

The medTlvEnable option on the switch is enabled in the default configuration and supports the following LLDP-MED TLVs:

  • LLDP-MED capabilities: This TLV enables the switch to determine:
    • Whether a connected endpoint device supports LLDP-MED

    • Which specific LLDP-MED TLVs the endpoint supports

    • The device class (1, 2, or 3) for the connected endpoint

    This TLV also enables an LLDP-MED endpoint to discover what LLDP-MED TLVs the switch port currently supports.
  • Network policy operating on the port to which the endpoint is connected (VLAN, Layer 2 QoS, Layer 3 QoS)

  • PoE (MED Power-over-Ethernet)

  • Physical location data (see Configuring location data for LLDP-MED devices)


LLDP-MED operation requires the macphy_config TLV subelement (enabled by default) that is optional for IEEE 802.1AB LLDP operation. For more information, see the dot3TlvEnable macphy_config command (Configuring support for port speed and duplex advertisements (CLI)).