Debug destinations

Use the debug destination command to enable (and disable)syslog messaging on a syslog server or to a CLI session for specified types of debug and Event Log messages.


no debug destination {<logging | session | buffer>}
Enables syslog logging to configured syslog servers so that the debug message types specified by the debug <debug-type> command (see Debug messages) are sent.(Default: Logging disabled)To configure a syslog server IP address, see Configuring a syslog server.

Debug messages from the switches covered in this guide have a debug severity level. Because the default configuration of some syslog servers ignores syslog messages with the debug severity level, ensure that the syslog servers you want to use to receive debug messages are configured to accept the debug level. For more information, see Operating notes for debug and Syslog.


Enables transmission of event notification messages to the CLI session that most recently executed this command. The session can be on any one terminal emulation device with serial, Telnet, or SSH access to the CLI at the Manager level prompt (switch#_).If more than one terminal device has a console session with the CLI, you can redirect the destination from the current device to another device. Do so by executing debug destination session in the CLI on the terminal device on which you now want to display event messages.Event message types received on the selected CLI session are configured with the debug <debug-type> command.


Enables syslog logging to send the debug message types specified by the debug <debug-type> command to a buffer in switch memory.To view the debug messages stored in the switch buffer, enter the show debug buffer command.