Operating notes for debug and Syslog

  • Rebooting the switch or pressing the Reset button resets the debug configuration.

    Debug option

    Effect of a reboot or reset

    logging (debug destination)

    If syslog server IP addresses are stored in the startup-config file, they are saved across a reboot and the logging destination option remains enabled. Otherwise, the logging destination is disabled.

    session (debug destination)


    ACL (debug type)


    All (debug type)


    event (debug type)

    If a syslog server IP address is configured in the startup-config file, the sending of Event Log messages is reset to enabled, regardless of the last active setting.

    If no syslog server is configured, the sending of Event Log messages is disabled.

    IP (debug type)


  • Debug commands do not affect normal message output to the Event Log.

    Using the debug event command, you can specify that Event Log messages are sent to the debug destinations you configure (CLI session, syslog servers, or both) in addition to the Event Log.

  • Ensure that your syslog servers accept debug messages.

    All syslog messages resulting from a debug operation have a "debug" severity level. If you configure the switch to send debug messages to a syslog server, ensure that the server's syslog application is configured to accept the "debug" severity level. (The default configuration for some syslog applications ignores the "debug" severity level.)

  • Duplicate IP addresses are not stored in the list of syslog servers.

  • If the default severity value is in effect, all messages that have severities greater than the default value are passed to syslog. For example, if the default severity is "debug," all messages that have severities greater than debug are passed to syslog.

  • There is a limit of six syslog servers. All syslog servers are sent the same messages using the same filter parameters. An error is generated for an attempt to add more than six syslog servers.