Using Remote Snapshot

  1. Click main menu and then Oracle Databases > Databases > Actions > Protect Once.
  2. Select Remote Snapshot from the Protection Type menu.
    1. Select a Snapshot Type from Online (Hot), Archive Logs, and Datafile.
    2. Select the Replication Mode as either Sync or Periodic.
    3. Enter a name for the remote snapshot.
    4. [Optional] Specify the number of Hours, Days, Weeks, or Months to auto delete the snapshot.
    5. [Optional] Specify the number of Hours, Days, or Weeks until the snapshot deletion has to be prevented.
  3. [Only for Snapshot Type - Online (Hot)] - Select between On or Off for Verify Snapshot? option. For Verify Snapshot set to On, perform the following:
    1. Click Select to search and specify a Backup Server.
    2. [Optional] Specify the Clone Database Home path.
    3. [Optional] Select or clear USE LARGE PAGES option to use or discard the value set in the production database for the parameter USE_LARGE_PAGES for the cloned database when taking backups.
  4. [Only for Snapshot Type - Online (Hot)] - Select or clear Truncate Log.
  5. To set up the scheduler for the remote snapshot, select Start Date and Time and set the required date and time.
  6. Click Ok.