802.1X authentication initiation

Both the 802.1X client and the access device can initiate 802.1X authentication.

802.1X client as the initiator

The client sends an EAPOL-Start packet to the access device to initiate 802.1X authentication. The destination MAC address of the packet is the IEEE 802.1X specified multicast address 01-80-C2-00-00-03 or the broadcast MAC address. If any intermediate device between the client and the authentication server does not support the multicast address, you must use an 802.1X client that can send broadcast EAPOL-Start packets. For example, you can use the iNode 802.1X client.

Access device as the initiator

If the client cannot send EAPOL-Start packets, configure the access device to initiate authentication. One example is the 802.1X client available with Windows XP.

The access device supports the following modes:

The username request timeout timer sets both the identity request interval for the multicast trigger and the identity request timeout interval for the unicast trigger.