ipv6 nd ra retrans-timer


ipv6 nd ra retrans-timer <TIME>

no ipv6 nd ra retrans-timer [<TIME>]


Configures the period (retransmit timer) between ND solicitations sent by a host for an unresolved destination, or between DAD neighbor solicitation requests. By default, hosts on the interface use their own locally configured NS-interval settings instead of using the value received in the RAs.

Increase this timer when neighbor solicitation retries or failures are occur, or in a "slow" (WAN) network.

The no form of this command sets the value to the default of 0.

Command context




Specifies the retransmit timer value in milliseconds. Range: 0 - 4294967295 milliseconds. Default: 0 (Use locally configured NS-interval).


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


switch(config)# interface 1/1/1
switch(config-if)# ipv6 nd ra retrans-timer 400