show dhcpv4-snooping


show dhcpv4-snooping [vsx-peer]


Shows the DHCPv4 snooping configuration.

Command context

Operator (>) or Manager (#)



Shows the output from the VSX peer switch. If the switches do not have the VSX configuration or the ISL is down, the output from the VSX peer switch is not displayed. This parameter is available on switches that support VSX.


Operators or Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command. Operators can execute this command from the operator context (>) only.


On the 6400 Switch Series, interface identification differs.

Showing the DHCPv4 snooping configuration:

switch(config)# show dhcpv4-snooping

 DHCPv4-Snooping Information

  DHCPv4-Snooping         : Yes         Verify MAC Address  : Yes
  Allow Overwrite Binding : No          Enabled VLANs       : 1751-2000

 Option 82 Configurations

  Untrusted Policy     : drop           Insertion           : Yes
  Option 82 Remote-id  : mac

 External Storage Information

  Volume Name          : 
  File Name            :
  Inactive Since       : -
  Error                : -

 Authorized Server Configurations

  VRF                               Authorized Servers
  ------------                      ------------------

 Port Information

                   Max       Static    Dynamic
  Port      Trust  Bindings  Bindings  Bindings
  --------  -----  --------  --------  --------
  1/1/24    No     512       1         100
  lag13     Yes    0         0         0