sflow sampling


sflow sampling <RATE>

no sflow sampling [<RATE>]


Defines the global sampling rate for sFlow in number of packets. The default sampling rate is 4096, which means that one in every 4096 packets is sampled. A warning message is displayed when the sampling rate is set to less than 4096 and proceeds only after user confirmation.

The no form of this command sets the sampling rate to the default value of 4096.

Command context



sampling <RATE>

Specifies the sampling rate. Range: 1 to 1000000000. Default: 4096.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Setting the sampling rate to 5000:

switch(config)# sflow sampling 5000

Setting the sampling rate to the default:

switch(config)# no sflow sampling

Setting the sampling rate to 1000:

switch(config)# sflow sampling 1000
Setting the sFlow sampling rate lower than 4096 is not recommended and might
affect system performance.
Do you want to continue [y/n]? y