About the examples

Examples in this document are representative and might not match your particular switch or environment.

The slot and port numbers in this document are for illustration only and might be unavailable on your switch.

Understanding the CLI prompts

When illustrating the prompts in the command line interface (CLI), this document uses the generic term switch, instead of the host name of the switch. For example:


The CLI prompt indicates the current command context. For example:


Indicates the operator command context.


Indicates the manager command context.


Indicates the configuration context for a feature. For example:


Identifies the interface context.

Variable information in CLI prompts

In certain configuration contexts, the prompt may include variable information. For example, when in the VLAN configuration context, a VLAN number appears in the prompt:


When referring to this context, this document uses the syntax:


Where <VLAN-ID> is a variable representing the VLAN number.