dhcpv4-snooping verify mac


dhcpv4-snooping verify mac

no dhcpv4-snooping verify mac


This command enables verification of the hardware address field in DHCP client packets. When enabled, the DHCP client hardware address field and the source MAC address must be the same for packets received on untrusted ports or else the packet is dropped. This DHCP snooping MAC verification is enabled by default.

The no form of the command disables DHCPv4 snooping MAC verification.

Command context



Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Enabling DHCPv4 snooping MAC verification:

switch(config)# dhcpv4-snooping verify mac

Disabling DHCPv4 snooping MAC verification:

switch(config)# no dhcpv4-snooping verify mac