IPv6 Router Advertisement

IPV6 RA provides a method for local IPV6 hosts to automatically configure their own IP address (and other settings such as a preferred DNS server) based on information advertised by switches/routers operating on the network.

IPv6 flags

Behavior of IPv6 hosts to IPv6 RA messages is controlled by the managed address configuration flag (M flag), and other stateful configuration flag (O flag).

M flag O flag Description
0 0 Indicates that no information is available via DHCPv6.
0 1 Indicates that other configuration information is available via DHCPv6. Examples of such information are DNS-related information or information on other servers within the network.
1 0 Indicates that addresses are available via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv6).
1 1 If the M flag is set, the O flag is redundant and can be ignored because DHCPv6 will return all available configuration information.