Identifying a remote host for receiving rotated log files

You can send the rotated log files to a specified remote host Universal Resource Identifier (URI) by using the TFTP protocol. If no URI is specified, the rotated and compressed log files are stored locally in /var/log/. Only the TFTP protocol is supported for remote transfer, and the log rotation file cannot be more than 32 MB. Use the Linux TFTP command to transfer the file. Rotated log files are removed from the local path /var/log/ when it is moved to TFTP server.


You must be in the configuration context:


Provide the target IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) at the configuration context in the CLI:

switch(config)# logrotate target {tftp://A.B.C.D | tftp://X:X::X:X}

IPv4 Example
switch(config)# logrotate target tftp://
IPv6 Example
switch(config)# logrotate target tftp://2001:db8:0:1::128