ArubaOS-CX boot


After the user has input a boot profile selection at the boot menu or the 5-second selection timeout has expired, Service OS will boot an ArubaOS-CX image.

Service OS displays the following boot strings embedded in the product image header:
  • Image name

  • Image version

  • Build ID

  • Build date

Service OS will then present status and boot the image.


Booting primary software image...
Verifying Image...
Image Info:

        Name: ArubaOS-CX
     Version: XL.01.01.0001
    Build Id: ArubaOS-CX:XL.01.01.0001:1a36111da4e0:201707171452
  Build Date: 2017-07-17 14:52:27 PDT

Extracting Image...
Loading Image...
kexec: Starting new kernel