Service OS CLI command list


After login to Service OS CLI, the user may enter the commands help or ? to get a full list of commands and a terse description for each command. The user may also enter <command> followed by --help to get more detailed help and usage for a specific command.


Available Commands:

           ? - Display help screen
          cd - Change the working directory
         pwd - Print the current working directory
        help - Display help screen
        boot - Boot a product image
config-clear - Clears the startup-config
enable-shell - Enable support shell access
       erase - Securely erase storage devices on the management module
      format - Formats and partitions the primary storage device
    identify - Prints hardware identification information
          ip - Sets the OOBM Port Network Configuration
       mount - Mount a storage device
        ping - Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts (IPv4)
      reboot - Reboots the Management Module 
    password - Set the admin account password
 secure-mode - Sets or retrieves the secure mode setting
          sh - Launch support shell
      umount - Unmounts a storage device
      update - Update a product image
     version - Prints ServiceOS release version information
         cat - Prints files to stdout
          cp - Copy files and directories
          du - Estimate file space usage
          ls - List directory contents
      md5sum - Compute and check md5 message digest
       mkdir - Make directories
          mv - Move (rename) files
          rm - Remove files or directories
       rmdir - Remove empty directories
        tftp - Allows transfer of files to/from a remote machine
        exit - Logout

Enter '<command> --help' for more info