copy command-output


copy command-output "<COMMAND>" {<STORAGE-URL> | <REMOTE-URL> [vrf <VRF-NAME>]}


Copies the specified command output using TFTP, SFTP, or USB.

Command context

Manager (#)


Specifies the command from which you want to obtain its output. Required.
NOTE: Users with auditor rights can specify these two commands only:

show accounting log

show events


Select either the storage URL or the remote URL for the destination of the copied command output. Required.


Specifies the USB to copy command output.

Syntax: {usb}:/<FILE>


Specifies the URL to copy the command output.

Syntax: {tftp:// | sftp://<USER>@}{<IP> | <HOST>}[:<PORT>][;blocksize=<VAL>]/<FILE>

vrf <VRF-NAME>

Specifies the VRF name. The default VRF name is default. Optional.


Administrators or Auditors.


Copying the output from the show events command to a remote URL:

switch# copy command-output "show events" tftp://

Copying the output from the show tech command to a remote URL with a VRF named mgmt:

switch# copy command-output "show tech" tftp:// vrf mgmt

Copying the output from the show events command to a file named events on a USB drive:

switch# copy command-output "show events" usb:/events