Service OS boot menu


On boot, the user is presented with a Service OS version banner with version, build date, build time, build ID, and SHA strings.

The user is then shown the boot image profiles.
  • Enter 0 to boot the Service OS login CLI.

  • Enter 1 to boot the primary firmware image.

  • Enter 2 to boot the secondary firmware image.

  • If no input is given within 5 seconds, the default boot profile is selected. Alternatively, press Enter to select the default boot profile.

The image selected by the user during boot is a run-time decision only and will not persist across reboots. The default image can be configured using the boot set-default command.


ServiceOS Information:
    Version:          GT.01.01.0001
    Build Date:       2017-07-19 14:52:31 PDT
    Build ID:         ServiceOS:GT.01.01.0001:461519208911:201707191452
    SHA:              46151920891195cdb2267ea6889a3c6cbc3d4193

Boot Profiles:

0. Service OS Console
1. Primary Software Image [XL.01.01.0001]
2. Secondary Software Image [XL.01.01.0002]

Select profile(primary):

The (primary) string in the boot menu displays the default boot profile that will be booted after the timeout period. This string will change to (secondary) or (Service OS) depending on the current default boot option.