QoS operating notes and restrictions

  • All switches: For explicit QoS support of IP subnets, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends forcing IP subnets onto separate VLANs and then configuring VLAN-based classifiers for those VLANs.

  • For devices that do not support 802.1Q VLAN-tagged ports: For communication between these devices and the switch, connect the device to a switch port configured as Untagged for the VLAN in which you want the device's traffic to move.

  • Port tagging rules: For a port on the switch to be a member of a VLAN, the port must be configured as either Tagged or Untagged for that VLAN. A port can be an untagged member of only one VLAN of a given protocol type. Otherwise, the switch cannot determine which VLAN should receive untagged traffic.

  • Not supported: Use of an inbound 802.1p packet priority as a classifier for remapping a packet's outbound priority to different 802.1p priority. For example, where inbound packets carry an 802.1p priority of 1, QoS cannot be configured use this priority as a classifier for changing the outbound priority to 0.

  • Monitoring shared resources:The QoS feature shares internal switch resources with several other features. For information on determining the current resource availability and usage, see “Monitoring Resources” in the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.