Implementing BYOD-redirect configuration

BYOD enables employees to register and access corporate resources with personally-owned devices. Though BYOD provides flexibility to employees, it can bring challenges to IT departments. BYOD-redirect is designed to help manage and control personal devices and policies at the enterprise network level.

Before implementing BYOD-redirect ensure that:

  • BYOD-redirect is configured on a VLAN.

  • BYOD-redirect is supported on up to three VLANs.

  • BYOD-redirect is supported with Mac and 802.1X authentications.

  • BYOD-redirect works with IMC 7.0 UAM module.

  • The client URL and DHCP IP are included in the Redirect URL to the IMC.


Until the registration process has been completed, a client device cannot access the internet or the enterprise network. Any traffic from this unauthorized device is redirected to the BYOD server.