Introduction to BYOD-redirect

The BYOD (bring-your-own-device) feature lets you design, manage, and control a BYOD network when you configure the BYOD-redirect feature on your switches.

Where BYOD-redirect is enabled on a switch, the device’s client credentials are sent to the BYOD server for registration. The BYOD server stores the registration information for each client’s device (such as the device MAC-address), which gives that client’s device access to the network.

The BYOD solution includes:

  • secure user authentication

  • centralized authentication process

  • authorization and accounting

  • unified monitoring and network management services

  • ease-of-use self-registration (on-boarding) process

BYOD solution

The following figure illustrates a BYOD solution that includes the following:

  • Access point and wireless controller: manages wireless SSIDs.

  • BYOD (IMC) server: manages BYOD policy and centralized user management.

  • switches: redirects user registration traffic to IMC and grants access to ports.

  • BYOD Redirect feature

Figure 43: BYOD solution