Troubleshooting PBR


Use the show statistics policy command to display information about which PBR action for an applied policy is active. Hit counts for each entry in the class and policy with the active action are displayed.

switch(vlan-111)# show statistics policy TCP_UDP vlan 111 in
HitCounts for Policy TCP_UDP
100 class ipv4 TCP action
( 5 ) 10 match tcp eq 80
( 2 ) 20 match tcp eq 22
( 2 ) 30 match tcp eq 23
110 class ipv4 voice action
( 4 ) 10 match tcp eq 80

To enable debug logging for PBR, enter the debug ip pbr command. A message will be logged when a PBR policy is applied, when the action in a class becomes inactive, and when an action in a class becomes active. See the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.


Policy Based Routing (PBR) is available on the 5400 series switch which all have v2 or higher modules. Any v1 modules will prevent PBR from functioning.