Viewing the QoS configuration

Examples of the show qos output are included with the example for each priority type.


show qos <priority-classifier>

device-priority: Displays the device priority table/configuration (priority based on the IP address).

dscp-map: Displays mappings between DSCP policy and 802.1p priority.

port-priority: Displays the current source-port priority configuration.

protocol-priority: Displays the protocol priority configuration.

queue-config: Displays the outbound port queue configuration information.

resources: Displays the resources used by the Policy Enforcement Engine.

tcp-udp-port-priority: Displays the TCP/UDP port priorities.

type-of-service: Displays the current type-of-service priority configuration. The display output differs according to the ToS option used:
  • IP Precedence
  • Diffserve

vlan-priority: Displays the current VLAN priority configuration.