Viewing BPDU protection status


show spanning-tree bpdu-protection [port-list]

Displays a summary listing of ports with BPDU protection enabled. To display detailed per-port status information, enter the specific port number(s). BPDU protected ports are displayed as separate entries of the spanning tree category within the configuration file.

Viewing BPDU protection status for specific ports

switch# show spanning-tree bpdu-protection 23-24

 Status and Counters - STP BPDU Protection Information

 BPDU Protection Timeout (sec) : 0
 BPDU Protected Ports : 23-24

  Port   Type      Protection State             Errant BPDUs
  ------ --------- ---------- ----------------- ------------
  23     100/1000T Yes        Bpdu Error        1
  24     100/1000T Yes                          0