Managing OOBM ports

Each OOBM port of a member is assigned one MAC address from that Member's manufacturing allocated range. The OOBM port also can be assigned an IP address (IPv4 /v6/DHCP/Manual/Auto-Config/LinkLocal). The Commander's OOBM IP address (called the Global IP address) is used for managing the Commander through the OOBM port.

After switchover/failover of control from the Commander to the Standby, the OOBM port IP address of the new Commander is the Global IP address. This change in address causes some undesirable behavior (after failover):

  • When using DHCP or DHCPv6, the new Commander requests a new lease and typically receives a new network address (IPv4 or IPv6). With OOBM high availability (HA), it will seem as if a new link has come up requesting a network address.

  • IPV6 link-local or auto-config addresses will change.

Using a static IP address avoids these issues. During failover, it will be as if the IP address is reconfigured. All ARP entries are updated automatically.

For more information on OOBM operation, see the ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.