Interaction with other features

This feature affects management access to the switch as follows:


  • Routing—RIP, OSPF, PIM, VRRP

When the disable layer3 command is configured on a VLAN, the behavior is as if no IP address were configured for that VLAN. There is no other change in behavior.


disable layer3 vlan <vid> <vid range>
no disable layer3 vlan <vid> <vid range>

In config context, turns off Layer 3 routing for the specified VLAN or VLANs. When executed in vlan context, turns off Layer 3 routing for that VLAN.

The no form turns on Layer 3 routing for the specified VLAN or VLANs.

The show ip command displays disabled in the IP Config column if Layer 3 has been disabled, or if the VLAN has no IP configuration. You can tell which is the case by viewing the remaining columns; if there is no IP configuration, the remaining columns are blank.

Displaying a VLAN disabled for Layer 3

switch(config)# show ip

 Internet (IP) Service

  IP Routing : Disabled

  Default Gateway :
  Default TTL     : 64   
  Arp Age         : 20  
  Domain Suffix   :                               
  DNS server      :                                         

                                                                 Proxy ARP
  VLAN              | IP Config  IP Address      Subnet Mask     Std   Local
  ----------------- + ---------- --------------- --------------- ----  -----
  DEFAULT_VLAN      | DHCP/Bootp   No    No
  VLAN3             | Disabled   No    No
  VLAN6             | Disabled
  VLAN7             | Manual   No    No

For IPv6, the Layer 3 Status field displays the status of Layer 3 on that VLAN.

Displaying IPv6 Layer 3 status for a VLAN

switch(config)# show ipv6

 Internet (IPv6) Service

  IPv6 Routing    : Disabled
  Default Gateway :
  ND DAD          : Enabled
  DAD Attempts    : 3

  Vlan Name       : DEFAULT_VLAN
  IPv6 Status     : Disabled
  Layer 3 Status  : Enabled

  Vlan Name       : layer3_off_vlan
  IPv6 Status     : Disabled
  Layer 3 Status  : Disabled

  Address    |                                             Address
  Origin     | IPv6 Address/Prefix Length                  Status
---------- + ------------------------------------------- -----------
  manual     | abcd::1234/32                               tentative
  autoconfig | fe80::218:71ff:febd:ee00/64                 tentative