Viewing debug counters for all VLAN instances


show spanning-tree debug-counters

Displays the aggregate values of all RPVST+ debug counters that are maintained on a switch. These aggregate values are a summary of the information collected from all ports and from all spanning tree instances for all switch ports. Use the displayed diagnostic information to globally monitor RPVST+ operation on a per-switch basis.

Viewing debug counters for all VLANs

switch# show spanning-tree debug-counters

 Status and Counters - RPVST Debug Counters Information

                                 Aggregated Value
  Counter Name                   Collected from VLANs
  ------------------------------ -------------------------
  Invalid BPDUs                  0
  Errant BPDUs                   0
  Looped-back BPDUs              0
  Starved BPDUs                  18
  Exceeded Max Age BPDUs         3
  Topology Changes Detected      9
  Topology Changes Tx            9
  Topology Changes Rx            4
  Topology Change ACKs Tx        0
  Topology Change ACKs Rx        6
  TCN BPDUs Tx                   4
  TCN BPDUs Rx                   0
  CFG BPDUs Tx                   0
  CFG BPDUs Rx                   0
  RST BPDUs Tx                   0
  RST BPDUs Rx                   0
  RPVST BPDUs Tx                 1881
  RPVST BPDUs Rx                 2617