Viewing QinQ configuration and status

This section outlines changes and additions to existing show command outputs to display QinQ configuration and status.

The show qinq command displays QinQ configuration information.


show qinq

Shows QinQ global and port configurations on the switch, including:

  • cvlan bridge: QinQ is disabled, normal VLANs apply.

  • mixedvlan bridge: Both S-VLANs and regular C-VLANs are available in a mixed VLAN mode environment.

  • svlan: No regular VLAN commands are available. All VLANs configured on the switch are S-VLANs only.

Tag-id: Displays only if QinQ is enabled on the switch.

port-type: Displays only if QinQ is enabled on the switch. On a mixed mode device, port type is shown only for S-VLAN ports.

Viewing show qinq output (QinQ S-VLAN mode)

switch(config)# show qinq

QinQ Global Configuration:
Bridge-mode        : svlan bridge

QinQ Interface Configuration:
interface   port-type
---------   ----------
   A1       provider-network 
   A2       provider-network 
   Trk1     customer-network