Configuring an existing VLAN as the Management VLAN (CLI)


management-vlan <vlan-id> | <vlan-name>
no management-vlan <vlan-id> | <vlan-name>

Configures an existing VLAN as the Management VLAN.

The no form disables the Management VLAN and returns the switch to its default management operation.

Default: Disabled. In this case, the VLAN returns to standard VLAN operation.

Switch configuration

You have configured a VLAN named My_VLAN with a VID of 100 and want to configure the switch to do the following:
  • Use My_VLAN as a Management VLAN (tagged, in this case) to connect port A1 on switch "A" to a management station. The management station includes a network interface card with 802.1Q tagged VLAN capability.

  • Use port A2 to extend the Management VLAN to port B1 which is already configured as a tagged member of My_VLAN, on an adjacent switch that supports the Management VLAN feature.

switch(config)# management-vlan 100
switch(config)# vlan 100 tagged a1
switch(config)# vlan 100 tagged a2

Configuration Example