QinQ Configuration example: provider Edge 2 switch

The configuration details for the Edge 2 switch mirrors the configuration for the Edge 1 switch. All customer traffic received on port A1 from customer A's site 2 will be associated with S-VLAN 100. Similarly, all customer B's site 2 traffic will be associated with S-VLAN 200.

To configure the switch, follow these steps:

  1. Enable QinQ:
    Edge 2(config)# qinq svlan tag-type 88a8
  2. Reboot the box with the configuration saved to transfer into S-VLAN bridge mode.
  3. Configure S-VLANs and customer ports connected to the customer network.
    Edge2(config)# svlan 100
    Edge2(svlan-100)# untagged A1
    Edge2(svlan-100)# exit
    Edge2(config)# int A1 qinq port-type customer-network
    Edge2(config)# svlan 200
    Edge2(svlan-200)# untagged A2
    Edge2(svlan-200)# exit
    Edge2(config)# int A2 qinq port-type customer-network
  4. Configure the provider ports leading to the core of the provider network.
    Edge1(config)# svlan 100 tagged A3, A4
    Edge1(config)# svlan 200 tagged A3, A4
    Edge1(config)# interface A3,A4 qinq port-type provider-network