Checking resource usage


show policy resources

After applying service policies to an interface, use the show policy resources command to verify the amount of additional resources used and the amount of resources that are still available on the switch. Classifier-based service policies (such as QoS or mirroring) share the same hardware resources with other software features, such as ACLs, virus throttling, management VLAN, globally configured QoS policies, MAC-based mirroring policies, and so on.

Use the displayed information to decide whether to re-prioritize current resource usage by reconfiguring or disabling software features to free the resources reserved for less important features. For a detailed explanation of the information displayed with the show policy resources command, see the ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide.

Viewing policy resources

The show policy resources command output displays the number of hardware resources (rules, meters, and application port ranges) used by classifier-based QoS and mirroring policies that are currently applied to interfaces on the switch and other software features.

Viewing statistics for a policy

Only the active redirects (matches, ignores, etc.) are displayed when executing the show statistics command.

Statistical output for a policy with active redirects

switch(vlan-111)# show statistics policy TCP_UDP vlan 111 in
HitCounts for Policy TCP_UDP
100 class ipv4 TCP action
( 0 ) 10 match tcp eq 80
( 0 ) 20 match tcp eq 22
( 0 ) 30 match tcp eq 23
110 class ipv4 voice action
( 0 ) 10 match tcp eq 80