Applying a traffic template

After creating a traffic template with the desired queue assignments, you must apply it. The same traffic templates is applied to the all ports on the switch. A reboot is required for the new template to take effect.


qos queue-config traffic-template <template-name>

Applies the specified traffic template to all the ports and reboots the switch.

Applying a traffic template to a switch

switch(config)# qos queue-config traffic-template example
 This command will modify the current running configuration,
 execute 'write memory' to replace the startup configuration,
 and then reboot.

Egress queues will be configured as follows:
 Queue servicing: weighted-round-robin
 simple-red disabled
 Traffic template: example

Do you want to save current configuration [y/n/^C]? y
Device will be rebooted, do you want to continue [y/n]? y