Interswitch link (ISL) ports (PVLAN member ports)

Interswitch link (ISL) ports (PVLAN member ports) connect multiple switches in a PVLAN domain.

Interswitch link (ISL) is a generic term to describe a connection between ports on different switches.

In ArubaOS-Switch software:

  • Ports used for interswitch links in PVLANs are called "PVLAN member ports" because they automatically become members of all VLANs within the PVLAN (that is, the primary VLAN, the community VLANs and the isolated VLANs). They carry traffic from the primary VLAN and all secondary VLANs between switches.

    The port type displayed for a PVLAN member port in show commands is: Member

  • PVLAN member ports are primary VLAN ports that are configured to remove the promiscuous port interface.