Configuring promiscuous ports

By default, all ports in the primary VLAN of a private VLAN are configured as promiscuous ports. You do not need to configure an interface as promiscuous unless it has previously been configured as an interswitch link (ISL) port (PVLAN member port).

  • You must be in the global configuration context: switch(config)#

To configure an interface as a promiscuous port, enter the following command:

interface <port-list> private-vlan promiscuous

Specifies the list of ports, separated by commas for individual ports or hyphens for ranges of ports.

For example, the following command to configure interfaces 1/2 and 1/3 as promiscuous ports in the private VLAN to which they belong.

switch-A(config)# interface 1/2,1/3 private-vlan promiscuous