Adding ports to PVLANs

  • The PVLAN must exist in the configuration.

  • You must be in the global configuration context: switch(config)#

  • Adding a port to a primary or secondary VLAN in a PVLAN is the same as adding a port to a regular VLAN.

    For example, to add port 1/17 as an untagged port to community VLAN 302, enter the following command:

    switch(config)# vlan 302 untagged 1/17
  • To add promiscuous ports to the primary VLAN, add the ports to the primary VLAN.

    Because all primary VLAN ports act as promiscuous ports by default, you do not need to configure primary ports as promiscuous ports explicitly.

  • To add interswitch link (ISL) ports (PVLAN member ports), you must change the configuration of ports in the primary VLAN. See Configuring interswitch link (ISL) ports (PVLAN member ports).