show interfaces tunnel aruba-vpn


show interfaces tunnel aruba-vpn


Auto-configured tunnel interface before creating IPsec. The tunnel ID is auto generated and to avoid conflict with user generated tunnel interface, the tunnel id is always the max tunnel supported by the switch + 1.


Display the configuration and status details of aruba-vpn tunnel.


Display brief configuration and status for all tunnels.


show interfaces tunnel aruba-vpn
show interfaces tunnel brief
show interfaces [tunnel] [<TUNNEL-LIST> | <TUNNEL-NAME> | brief | type]

switch(config)# show interfaces tunnel aruba-vpn 

 Tunnel Configuration : 

  Tunnel               : tunnel-129
  Tunnel Name          : aruba-vpn-tunnel
  Tunnel Status        : Enabled
  Source Address       :
  Destination Address  :
  Mode                 : IPsec IPv4
  TOS                  : Value from IPv4 header
  TTL                  : 64
  IPv6                 : Disabled
  MTU                  : 1280

 Current Tunnel Status :

  Tunnel State               : Up
  Destination Address Route  :
  Next Hop IP                :
  Next Hop Interface         : vlan-1
  Next Hop IP Link Status    : Up
  Source Address             : Configured on vlan-1
  IP Datagrams Received      : 11
  IP Datagrams Transmitted   : 36  

switch(config)#  show interfaces tunnel brief
 Status - Tunnel Information Brief
  Tunnel                   : tunnel-129
  Mode                     : IPsec IPv4
  Source Address           :
  Destination Address      :
  Configured Tunnel Status : Enabled
  Current Tunnel State     : Up