Front panel security password-clear

From the configure context:


no front-panel-security password-clear <RESET-ON-CLEAR> | factory-reset | password-recovery | diagnostic-reset <CLEAR-BUTTON | SERIAL-CONSOLE>


Enable the ability to clear the password(s) and/or configuration via the front panel buttons.

no disables the password clear option.


  • If password-clear is disabled, the password(s) cannot be reset using the clear button on the front panel of the device.

  • If factory-reset is disabled, the configuration/password(s) can not be reset using the clear and reset button combination at boot time.

  • When password-recovery is enabled (and the front panel buttons disabled), a lost password can be recovered by contacting customer support.

  • When password-recovery is disabled, there is no way to access a device after losing a password with the front panel buttons disabled.

  • If diagnostic-reset is disabled, the user cannot perform a diagnostic switch reset on those rare events where the switch becomes unresponsive to user input because of unknown reason(s).

  • If diagnostic-reset is enabled, the user can perform a diagnostic hard reset which will capture valuable diagnostic data and reset the switch.



Enable/Disable factory-reset ability.


Enable/Disable password clear.


Enable/Disable password recovery.


Enable/Disable diagnostic reset.