Show job


show job


Show the jobs scheduled.

Show job

switch# show job

 Job Scheduler Status and Configuration

  Scheduler Status : Waiting for the system time to be set

                     Event or            Repeat  Save 
  Name               Time                Count   Cfg  Command
  ------------------ ---------------- ------- ---- ------------
  Burrrrrrrrrrrr...  reboot              --    Yes chassislocate blink
  baz                reboot              --     No  show time
  foo                17:00 SxTWTxS       --     No  savepower led
  a1                 12:00               2      Yes sh time
  a2                 Every 2:14:30 days  75     Yes vlan 3
  a3                 Every 00:00:25 days 1      No  vlan 4

NOTE: Caution

The scheduler does not run until the system time is set.