show distributed-trunking consistency-parameters


show distributed-trunking consistency-parameters global <PIM-SM>


Display global peer consistency details. If the platforms do not match an error message similar to inconsistant criteria is returned.

Parameters and options


Display global peer consistency details.


Display PIM-SM peer consistency details.

Show distributed-trunking consistency-parameters global

switch# show distributed-trunking consistency-parameters global
Local Peer
----- ----
Peer config unavailable.
Image Version KB.15.18.0000x

IP Routing Disabled Disabled
Peer-keepalive interval 1000 0
PIM-DM Support Disabled Disabled
PIM-SM Support Disabled Disabled
IGMP enabled VLANs on Local :
IGMP enabled VLANs on Peer :
PIM-DM Enabled VLANs on Local : <List of Vlans>
PIM-DM Enabled VLANs on Peer : <List of Vlans>
PIM-SM enabled VLANs on Local : <List of Vlans>
PIM-SM enabled VLANs on Peer : <List of Vlans>
DHCP-snooping Enabled on Local :
DHCP-Snooping Enabled on Peer                 : Yes
DHCP-Snooping Enabled VLANs on Local          : 1
DHCP-Snooping Enabled VLANs on Peer           : 1
DHCP-Snooping Max-Binding Configured on Local  : Yes

Ports  Max-Bindings
------- ------------
Trk2   6

DHCP-Snooping Max-Binding Configured on Peer   : No

Feature pim-sm

show distributed-trunking consistency-parameters global feature pim-sm

PIM-SM Enabled VLANs on Local : 20,30
PIM-SM Enabled VLANs on Peer : 20,30