dhcpv6–snooping max-bindings


no dhcpv6-snooping max-bindings <PORT-LIST 1-8192>


Configure the maximum number of binding addresses allowed per binding anchor. A binding anchor is a unique attribute that can be associated with a client address.

Parameters and options


Configuring maximum number of binding addresses allowed per port.

  • If the max-bindings value is configured before enabling dhcpv6-snooping the limit is immediately applied and the bindings are not allowed to exceed the max-bindings value.

  • The max-bindings value is setafter enabling dhcpv6-snooping.

  • The current bindings are greater than the max-binding value, the configuration will be applied as and when clients release their IPv6 addresses.

  • Current bindings are lesser than that of the value entered, the configuration will be immediately applied.

<PORT-LIST 1-8192>

Specify the ports on which max-bindings need to be applied in the range of 1–8192.


DT trunks can use jumbo VLAN as usual, but user needs to ensure that jumbo is configured on both the DT pairs, otherwise packet drops/fragmentations can be seen.