Cannot access the WebAgent

  • Access may be disabled by the Web Agent Enabled parameter in the switch console. Check the setting on this parameter by selecting:

    2. Switch Configuration

    1. System Information

  • The switch may not have the correct IP address, subnet mask, or gateway. Verify by connecting a console to the switch's Console port and selecting:

    2. Switch Configuration

    5. IP Configuration

    Note: If DHCP/Bootp is used to configure the switch, the IP addressing can be verified by selecting:

    1. Status and Counters...

    2. Switch Management Address Information

    Also check the DHCP/Bootp server configuration to verify correct IP addressing.

  • If you are using DHCP to acquire the IP address for the switch, the IP address "lease time" may have expired so that the IP address has changed. For more information on how to "reserve" an IP address, see the documentation for the DHCP application that you are using.

  • If one or more IP-authorized managers are configured, the switch allows inbound telnet access only to a device having an authorized IP address. For more information on IP Authorized managers, see the access security guide for your switch.

  • Java™ applets may not be running on the web browser. They are required for the switch WebAgent to operate correctly. Refer to the online Help on your web browser for how to run the Java applets.