Viewing the port and VLAN MAC addresses

The MAC address assigned to each switch port is used internally by such features as Flow Control and the spanning-tree protocol. Using the walkmib command to determine the MAC address assignments for individual ports can sometimes be useful when diagnosing switch operation.


This procedure displays the MAC addresses for all ports and existing VLANs in the switch, regardless of which VLAN you select.

  1. If the switch is at the CLI Operator level, use the enable command to enter the Manager level of the CLI.
  2. Enter the following command to display the MAC address for each port on the switch:
    switch# walkmib ifPhysAddress

    (The above command is not case-sensitive.)


A switch with the following module configuration shows MAC address assignments similar to those shown in the example below:

  • A 4-port module in slot A, a 24-port module in slot C, and no modules in slots B and D

  • Two non-default VLANs configured

Figure 63: Example: of Port MAC address assignments on a switch