Viewing the current CDP neighbors table of the switch

Devices are listed by the port on which they were detected.


show cdp neighbors

Lists the neighboring CDP devices the switch detects, with a subset of the information collected from the device's CDP packet.

[[e] port-numb [detail]]

Lists the CDP device connected to the specified port. (Allows only one port at a time.)Using detail provides a longer list of details on the CDP device the switch detects on the specified port.

[detail [[e] port-numb]]

Provides a list of the details for all of the CDP devices the switch detects.Using port-num produces a list of details for the selected port.

The following example displays the CDP devices that the switch has detected by receiving their CDP packets.

CDP neighbors table listing

switch(config)# show cdp neighbors

 CDP neighbors information

  Port Device ID                     | Platform                     Capability
  ---- ----------------------------- + ---------------------------- -----------
  1    Accounting (0030c1-7fcc40)    | J4812A Switch. . .           S
  2    ResearĀ¢1-1 (0060b0-889e43)    | J4121A Switch. . .           S
  4    Support (0060b0_761a45)       | J4121A Switch. . .           S
  7    Marketing (0030c5_33dc59)     | J4313A Switch. . .           S
  12   Mgmt NIC(099a05-09df9b        | NIC Model X666               H
  12   Mgmt NIC(099a05-09df11        | NIC Model X666               H