Viewing more information on switch operation

Use the following commands to display additional information on switch operation for troubleshooting purposes.


show boot-history

Displays the crash information saved for each management module on the switch.

show history

Displays the current command history. This command output is used for reference or when you want to repeat a command (See Displaying the information you need to diagnose problems).

show system-information

Displays globally configured parameters and information on switch operation.

show version

Displays the software version currently running on the switch and the flash image from which the switch booted (primary or secondary). For more information, see "Displaying Management Information" in the "Redundancy (Switch 8212zl)" .

show interfaces

Displays information on the activity on all switch ports (see "Viewing Port Status and Configuring Port Parameters" in the "Port Status and Configuration" ).

show interfaces-display

Displays the same information as the show interfaces command and dynamically updates the output every three seconds. Press Ctrl + C to stop the dynamic updates of system information. Use the Arrow keys to view information that is off the screen.