Viewing advertisements currently in the neighbors MIB


show lldp info remote-device [port-list]

Without the [port-list] option, provides a global list of the individual devices it has detected by reading LLDP advertisements. Discovered devices are listed by the inbound port on which they were discovered.

Multiple devices listed for a single port indicates that such devices are connected to the switch through a hub.

Discovering the same device on multiple ports indicates that the remote device may be connected to the switch in one of the following ways:

  • Through different VLANS using separate links. (This applies to switches that use the same MAC address for all configured VLANs.)

  • Through different links in the same trunk.

  • Through different links using the same VLAN. (In this case, spanning-tree should be invoked to prevent a network topology loop. Note that LLDP packets travel on links that spanning-tree blocks for other traffic types.)

With the [port-list] option, provides a listing of the LLDP data that the switch has detected in advertisements received on the specified ports.

For descriptions of the various types of information displayed by these commands, see Table 22: Data available for basic LLDP advertisements.

A global listing of discovered devices

switch(config)# show lldp info remote

 LLDP Remote Devices Information

  LocalPort | ChassisId                 PortId PortDescr SysName
  --------- + ------------------------- ------ --------- -------------
  1         | 00 11 85 35 3b 80         6      6         Switch
  2         | 00 11 85 cf 66 60         8      8         Switch

An LLLDP-MED listing of an advertisement received from an LLDP-MED (VoIP telephone) source

switch(config)# show lldp info remote-device 1

 LLDP Remote Device Information Detail

  Local Port   : A2
  ChassisType  : network-address
  ChassisId    : 0f ff 7a 5c
  PortType     : mac-address
  PortId       : 08 00 0f 14 de f2
  SysName      : Switch
  System Descr : Switch, revision xx.15.06.0000x
  PortDescr    : LAN Port

  System Capabilities Supported : bridge, telephone
  System Capabilities Enabled   : bridge, telephone

  Remote Management Address

  MED Information Detail 1
    EndpointClass          :Class3
    Media Policy Vlan id   :10
    Media Policy Priority  :7
    Media Policy Dscp      :44
    Media Policy Tagged    :False
    Poe Device Type        :PD
    Power Requested        :47
    Power Source           :Unknown
    Power Priority         :High
  • 1Indicates the policy configured on the telephone. A configuration mismatch occurs if the supporting port is configured differently.